gControl FAQ

What authentication mechanism is used?

 Based on authentication mode chosen the mechanism differs.

  1. Google Apps,it uses standard API of Google Apps SDK to connect and authenticate with Google Apps.

  2. Active Directory, it uses LDAP API to connect to AD

  3. Azure Active Directory, it uses Azure AD API to connect and authenticate with Azure AD.

Is CloudCodes Store our Password ?

gControl runs on App Engine . All Passwords are into high Encrypted form .

Does gControl require any hardware?

 No, it doesn't require any hardware in normal scenario. But if the enterprise is planning to integrate AD SSO with Google Apps then server class machine is required to be configured in client’s environment as a bridge between gControl and Active Directory.

Does gControl have any dependencies on third party software?

 Most of the features of gControl doesn't have any third party software dependencies. But for Device Restriction feature there is dependency on Adobe AIR runtime for Windows and Macintosh environment and JAVA JDK 1.7 for Ubuntu.

Does gControl requires browser extension for all features?

 No. gControl only requires browser extension for the following features

  • Idle Session Timeout

  • Consumer Gmail block

  • 3rd party app restriction

  • Rights Management for Email

  • Domain White-listing

Which browsers are supported by gControl browser extensions?

 The following browsers are supported by gControl






v33 & above


v26 & above


v11 & above




Is there any features which is specific to a particular browser?

 Yes, rights management for email is only supported for Chrome browser.

Can I restrict different Google Apps domain i.e. end user can access only organisation Google Apps domain within the network (sometime new employees access previous employer domain)?

 Yes, gControl provides Domain Restriction to block other Google Apps domain through browser extensions.

Does gControl works for restricting usage on mobile?

 gControl control access to Google Apps on browser only so browser access on smartphone & device will be controlled but access of Google Apps through other protocols/apps are not controlled.

Does Google default 2FA works with gControl?

 No, gControl overrides the default 2FA (2- Step Verification). 2FA can be provided by buying plans for SMS provider such as plivo. gControl also supports integration with Google Authenticator.

Does gControl work for IMAP and POP3?

 No. gControl is an web-based SSO solution.Therefore it does not work for IMAP and POP3.


What settings should be done in order to keep extension Admin managed instead of user managed.

 Step 1:

Click on Advance Settings from Quicklinks → Click on Extension Settings → Find For TYPE: → Select Admin Managed → Click on SAVE.

Step 2:

Go to Google Apps Admin Panel  Click on → More Google AppsChrome ManagementUser Settings Preinstalled Apps Manage Pre-installed apps → Click on Chrome Web Store → Type in search box CloudCodes gControl → Click on ADD → Click on SAVE to save the settings.

How to disable gControl from your domain?

 You can disable gControl by clicking Disable gControl button on the dashboard.

or you can follow these steps:

1) Login to Google admin control panel (admin.google.com)

2) Go to Security

3) Click on advance setting

4) Then click on SSO

5) Uncheck 'Enable Single Sign-on' and remove the URLs from all three text boxes

6) Click Save.


As Google Authenticator is used for Android which app can be used for Windows phone instead of Google Authenticator?

 Users with Windows mobile phone can use Microsoft Authenticator for 2-factor authentication.

While registering for 2 Factor Authentication feature, in order to receive verification code through SMS how many email accounts can be registered with one mobile number?

 Only one email id can be registered with one mobile number.

If I am based in India, Do I need to subscribe for SMS providing services if I opt for SMS mode for 2-Factor Authentication?

 No, If you are based in India, you can simply opt for Native SMS service.

What quota of SMS can I avail if I opt for native SMS for 2-Factor Authentication?

 You will get 365 SMS per user per year i.e daily 1 sms for a user. Beyond this limit, the service is chargeable. If you need to increase this quota, you can increase it as per your requirements.

If I need to use 2-FA for few users instead of all the users, can I distribute the SMS quota among those users?

 Yes, You can distribute SMS quota among few users.

3rd party application block

Does 3rd party application block require an add on or extension?

Yes, The solution will be provided through browser extension.

Active Directory

Does gControl support Single Sign On with Active Directory?

 Yes, gControl provides true single sign on support for Active Directory i.e. if a user login to their desktop using AD credentials and then they try to access Google Apps through browser then they don’t need to provide their credentials again.

AD- gControl Passwords are synced or saved?

 Users are only authenticated through Active Directory. User’s passwords in Active Directory are not saved with gControl. gControl does have an option of syncing passwords. It syncs password at the login time unlike the GAPS tool which does the sync only when the User changes his password in AD.


Does agreement appears on every login?

 No, It will appear only on the first login.

Custom Login Page

How can I use Custom Login Page feature?

 If you want to create a customized login page for your company,

Select YES as an answer to Do you want to use customized login page? You can design one in HTML and paste the code in the text box provided on the feature page. Else If you want to use default login page provided by CloudCodes, you can select NO and choose from the templates given on the policy page. Click SAVE to save the settings.

URLs are not appearing in the SSO settings in the security settings of Google Apps.

 Go to gControl Dashboard → Click on Custom Login page link from Quick Links → Click on SAVE button.

Domain Key is not appearing in the URL that appears at the time of login.

 Go to Custom Login Page from Quick links.Click on SAVE button to save the login page.

Consumer Gmail Block

Can I track the personal gmail account being accessed by users?

 Yes you will come to know about it from violation policy reports.

Device Restriction

Can I restrict users from logging in only from a particular device?

 Yes. With Device Restriction policy in gControl,it is possible to restrict the user to login only from a specific device which is saved along with the user’s mail id.

Does Device Restriction feature work on mobile phones and tabs?

 Device Restriction policy works only on Laptops and PCs.It does not work on mobiles and tabs.

Does device restriction feature work on Chromebook Notebook?

 No. device restriction feature does not work on Chromebook Notebook.

Can I configure more than one device in device restriction policy for a single user?

 Yes absolutely you can you configure device restriction policy for a single user in multiple device.

Domain White-listing

Can I allow users to access particular Google apps domains and restrict the rest?

 Yes absolutely you can do it by creating a policy for domain white-listing and mention the domains to be allowed. All the domains other than the specified ones will be blocked.

Forgot Password

Can I give the user the right to reset his password in case if he forgets his password ?

 Yes. Instead of admin,User can reset his own password with Forgot Password feature in gControl.

Can admin reset answers for the questions that are set in the Forgot Password policy?

 Yes. Administrator can reset the answers.

IP Restriction

Which IP address shall be specified in the IP restriction policy?

 IP restriction policy must be configured with Public IP or Proxy IP of the organization.

Information Rights Management

Does IRM feature works with all the browsers?

 No, rights management for email is only supported for Google Chrome browser.

Does IRM stores emails?

 Emails of users are stored in the encrypted format. Method used for encryption is AES. Data(Emails) are stored on App Engine and not on any local server.

Landing Broadcast

What is the difference between Agreement and Landing Broadcast?

 Agreement feature enables administrator to enforce the terms and conditions of the organization on users.

Landing Broadcast feature is configured in order to inform users about certain changes or display notices/updates.

The message in agreement policy is displayed only once as repetition option is not given in the policy whereas message in landing page policy can be showed on every login or only once.

Landing Page

What URLs can be kept as landing page?

 Any Google page like Google Drive, Google Calendar or Portal of your organization created with Google Sites portal can be set as a landing page.

Password Policy

Can I compel users to change passwords after specific number of days?

 Yes. You can do it with Password Policy in gControl.


Can I download reports regarding violation taking place in the organization?

 Yes the reports are downloadable from gControl dashboard.

Session Timeout

After how much time user will be logged out of the google apps account ?

 You can mention the time requirement in the session timeout policy according your organizational requirements.

Sync Process

I have moved users in my domain in another OU but the policies that are applied on those OUs are not getting applied on the newly moved users.

 This is because the newly moved users have not got synced.You can sync the changes by clicking SYNC DOMAIN button on the dashboard or Click on Advanced Settings → Click on Setup User Sync → Click on SYNC NOW.

Administrator will be notified by sending an email after completion of Sync process.

I have installed gControl and applied policies still my dashboard is showing 0 for Active users,OUs and policies.

gControl sync runs once a day. The counter gets updated automatically after this sync.

Time Restriction

Can I apply time restriction for Employees working in night shift?

 Yes, absolutely gControl allows you to set the policies according to your organizational requirement.