@ttrium FAQ

Does @ttrium store password?

 No, @ttrium does not store any passwords.

Does @ttrium require any hardware?

 No, @ttrium does not require any additional hardware to be installed.

Does @ttrium have any dependencies on third party software?

 No, @ttrium does not have any dependency on third party software.

Does @ttrium requires browser extension for all features?

 No. @ttrium does not require any browser extension.

Does @ttrium gets synced with Google Apps?

 Yes. @ttirum gets synced with Google apps.

Which browser and browser versions does @ttrium support?

 @ttrium supports Google Chrome (v28 and above) and Mozilla FireFox (v26 and above).

Does @ttrium supports multiple admin?

 Yes, Super-administrator can delegate administrative privileges to users. One or features can be delegated with View or Edit or both the rights.

Is there any features which is specific to a particular browser?

 No. There is no such dependency for the features in @ttirum.

Does @ttrium work on mobile phones?

 No. Current version of @ttrium does not work on mobile phones.

How to install ?

To install @ttrium administrator needs to log in from the Google Apps administrator account.

  1. Click on AppsGoogle Marketplace App. Click on the first icon- plus sign to Add Marketplace apps at the upper right corner on the page.

  1. Once the app is searched, it will get displayed on the marketplace pop up. Google Marketplace pop will be shown.

  2. Type @ttrium in search box.

  3. Click on Install App and then Continue to continue with the installation.

  4. Terms and Conditions of Cloudcodes @ttrium and Google Apps will be displayed. Check the checkbox to agree with the terms and conditions. Click on Accept.

  5. You will be notified that @ttrium has been added to marketplace apps. Click OK, Got it! Button to proceed.

  6. Fill the registration form and click REGISTER.

  7. Go to Google Marketplace Apps Click on the installed @ttrium application. Click on Data Access option. In case if data access option shows Approval Needed, Click on Grant Data Access in order to grant data access.

How to check scope are enabled or not ?

  1. Go to Apps Google Marketplace Apps

  2. Click on the installed @ttrium application

  3. Click on Data Access option.

  4. In case if data access option shows Approval Needed, Click on Grant Data Access in order to grant data access.

What happens if scopes are not enabled?

If scopes are not granted, Super-administrator will not be able to access @ttrium application from Apps.

Can end user install @ttrium ?

Only super-administrator of Google Apps can install @ttrium. End-user can access @ttrium from Apps → More Apps.

How much time does it take to install @ttrium ?

Time to install @ttrium depends on number of users in your Google Apps domain.

After Filling up Registration Form,sync process starts. Once sync process is completed,admin can start to use @ttrium. Generally it takes 15-25 min to sync 100 users.

What information can end-user edit?

End-user can edit general information and Skills in their profiles. Endorse to colleagues skills.

What is System User ? Which users we called as System User ?

Email ids which are created for groups and do not belong to specific individual are called as System Users. Except org chart these users will not be visible anywhere in @ttrium.

Can I change the default captions of main menu options?

Yes. Super-administrator can change the default captions of main menu options as per your choice from Admin settings --> Preferences. 

e.g.: You can change caption My Buddies to My Colleagues.

My Buddies

Can I get department wise information about my colleagues?

Yes. It is possible to do so with @ttrium. 

Share contact

Does share contacts allows to share contact outside the domain?

 No. Share contact allows you to share contacts only within domain.

Organization chart

Can I get employee information in single click?

 Yes. You can. Simply by clicking on name of the employee in the Org-Chart, you can get employee information .

My Apps

Can end user create apps using my apps?

 No. Only admin can create apps using my apps and users can access and use them.

Group Look-up

Can employee use Group Look up to access personal information?

 No. They cannot use group lookup to access personal information.