@ttrium allows the following

  1. Update profile for existing users
  2. Profile update through CSV 
  3. Apart from standard profile attributes new attributes can be added.
  4. Support for password field update is not there.

To update the profile please follow the below steps

Step 1: Click on Profile Update from the menu on the left (This is visible only to administrator)

Step 2:  The profile update page is displayed

Step 3: Create the CSV with user's data in the following format

The header or the first row represents the name of standard profile attributes. The first columnname should be PrimaryEmail and it should contain the email address of the user. 

To update few columns keep the other columns null/empty. @ttrium ignores null or empty columns. To add custom attributes after the standard attributes. If the column is not present, @ttrium adds those columns.

The profile get updated through a scheduled task.