Organization Chart

Using @ttrium admin of Google Apps domain can generate Org-Chart for his domain. While generating Org-Chart @ttrium looks for Manager filed in Google Apps profile of each user. So Manager Field should be populated for each user on the domain before generating Org-Chart.

Steps for creating Org-Chart in @ttrium

   1. Update Google Apps profiles for all users with Manager
  • Login to @ttrium as admin.

  • Go to Settings->Profile Update( As shown in the screen shot).

  • Manager of each user can be populated by uploading information in csv format. Sample CSV can be downloaded from this page.

  • In the first column, please enter email id of user.

  • To populate Manager, under ‘Manager’ column give first name and last name of manager.(

    Remaining columns can be kept empty or can be removed.)

  • After you upload the csv, it might take upto 24 hours for it to get reflected. Admin will receive an email once the updates complete.