This document explains the password reset issue, scenarios when it is likely to be occurred, reason behind this issue and steps to be taken by the administrator to reset password from gControl Dashboard.

Password Reset Issue:

If Google Apps administrator resets user’s password through Google Apps Admin Console, users are getting error message as ‘INVALID LOGIN ATTEMPT’ while logging in.

Scenario where users will face this issue:

This issue will occur only if Google Apps administrator resets end-user’s password from Google Apps Admin Console.

Scenario where users will not face this issue:

If administrator has allowed end-users to change the passwords on their own ( by checking Granted option in the password policy) and if end-users reset their passwords on their end then this error message will not appear while logging in and users will be able to login without any problem.

Reason of the issue:

The reason behind this issue is deprecation of core APIs is in process by Google.

The Correct Procedure:

As few api in Google have changed and does not allow direct authentication with their database, the new procedure would be to do the User Creation and Password Management from gControl, Rest of the operations you can do it from the Google Apps Admin Control Panel.The administrator should reset end-user’s password through gControl dashboard instead of resetting it through Google Apps Admin Console.

Please scroll down to check the steps to be taken while resetting the passwords from gControl Dashboard.

Steps to be taken to reset password from gControl Dashboard are :

1. Go to gControl Dashboard : Apps → More Apps → gControl


2. Click on the OU name in which the user is present and then click on the user name whose password is to be reset.


3. Click on RESET PASSWORD button to reset the password

4. Enter the new password and confirm the password by retyping it. Check the check-box in front of the option : Change password at next login to allow users to change the password on the next login. Click on RESET button to reset the password.

After completion of password reset process, notification regarding password reset is sent to the respective user by an email.