Here are steps to install CloudCodes For Business application

1. Go to > Homepage > Click on FREE TRIAL (Top right-hand side button) > This will navigate to “”

2. Fill in all the details and the captcha. We recommend you read the terms and conditions and then accept to progress

2.1 The admin needs to valid mobile number with country code to get the OTP

2.2 After entering OPT, the mobile number is verified 

3. Once the registration is successful, the admin receives the registration email. Now he has to click on verification link sent via email to verify the account and proceed further 

4. Once the account is verified, the admin is directed to the activate account page. To verify the account, the admin has to add a password, custom URL and click on “VERIFY ACCOUNT”

5. By default, ‘G Suite’ is selected as the Primary User Directory if any other directory that needs to be used and can be selected as well. Next click on “PROCEED”

Note: If G Suit is disabled or “OFF”, then the admin will be navigated directly to step 7

6. In case of G Suite, the admin should follow the defined steps (Example is shown in the image) to add the scope before sync. Once the steps are completed, click on “PROCEED”

7. The installation of CloudCodes For Business is now complete. The admin will now be directed to the CloudCodes For Business Console    

8. Now admin needs to do user provisioning from CloudCodes For Business Administrator