What is On-boarding process?

To start with the On-boarding process, the admin has to click on Settings →  Preferences → Login 

Admin can select any one of the On-boarding processes as per choice -

  1. User On-boarding with Google

  2. User On-boarding with OTP

  3. User On-boarding with Basic

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Image 1

  1. User On-boarding with Google:

By using above setting, User will login with an existing password of G Suite. Follow the steps given below in Google Admin Console:


  1. User On-boarding with OTP

In this process, 

  • The admin creates a user’s database in CloudCodes for Business 

  • For bulk user creation, admin can use CSV file format that includes mandatory fields - user first name, last name, email ID, dummy password (minimum eight characters necessary) and mobile number

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Image 2

  • User is created in CloudCodes for Business 

  • Admin will provide the dummy password to all users which is created in CSV file

  • At the time of login, users will receive the OTP on the respective mobile number. Once verified, the users can login to CloudCodes for Business  Console

  • Users are forced to change the password

  • Here the users will be able to login to CloudCodes for Business  Dashboard to all applications

To enable SSO for respective applications, go to Administration→ Apps→ Configuration 

(Note: To enable the SSO for separate application - click on gear icon and follow the self-explanatory steps)

 (Highlight this icon in below image)


                                                 C:\Users\rajashree\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\Image 3.png

Image 3

  1. User On-boarding with Basic

       The admin should check if the SSO is disabled for the same domain on which he has to start with On-boarding process 

              3.1 For Basic On-boarding process, Go to CloudCodes for Business’s Administration > Users

              3.2 Admin needs to create users in CloudCodes for Business. For bulk user creation, Admin needs to use CSV file upload option                           (admin can sync user list only in G Suite)

                                             C:\Users\rajashree\Desktop\SSO1\Images - Installation and On-boarding\On-Boarding\Image 4.png

Image 4

      Note: To upload Bulk Users, Admin needs to have same CSV format (Sample Format given in the CloudCodes for Business Console)

          - To download the CSV format, please follow the steps given in CloudCodes for Business Console   

          - Update the sheet accordingly

          - Upload the CSV format sheet  

                                                            C:\Users\rajashree\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\Image 5.png

Image 5

3.3 Once users are created or synced, the admin needs to send an email to individual users or all domain users at once through CloudCodes for Business Admin Console

                                         C:\Users\rajashree\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\Image 6.png

Image 6

3.4 User needs to complete registration process through the email sent by the admin. The user needs to click on ‘Register Account' 

                                            C:\Users\rajashree\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\Image 7.png

Image 7

3.5 When clicking on ‘Register Account,' the user is routed to Setup the password for an account with an OTP verification. Once the user mobile number is registered, click on “REGISTER ACCOUNT”


Image 8

3.6 After successful login, user is redirected to login page
              3.7 After completing all users registration, admin can enable SSO form respective application.    (Refer Document - How Administration works)