Using the Search (Report) section Administrator can view and export various types of reports.

To access the report section, Administrator needs to log in to CloudCodes Administrator Panel.

1. Access Control:
In this section, the admin can view/export reports related to Access Control Policy

2. Administration:

Admin has all visibility related to each policy modified, created, deleted, etc.

3. User Audit:

Admin can view when user audit related to Successful Login, Login Failure, Logout, Last Sign In, etc.

4. Alerts:

Using the Alerts report, the admin can view all reports related to the Alert policy.

5. Agent:

Using the Agent report, the admin can view all reports related to the Agent policy.

6. DLP:

Using the DLP report, Admin can view Documents Violation, Emails, Sharing Violation Details and other Violations.

7. MFA:

Admin can view all  Muti Factor Authentication reports and audit of SMS/Biometric

8. Password Policy:

Using the Password policy report admin can check password age, password score, account lock report, last password change details, etc.

9. Self Password:

Using the Self Password report, Admin has better visibility of who has changed his own password and details about the event.

10. Web Filter Policy:

Using the web filter policy report admin can view audits related to whitelist/blacklist URLs.