gControl from Google Apps is a Cloud Based SSO & Access Control solution for Enterprises. gControl address many challenges of a Enterprise on Google Apps. Some of the challenges a Large Enterprise face is the following

  • Integrations with LDAP for Single Sign-On.

  • Customer Login Page for Corporate brand.

  • Access Control for users based (which users can access Google Apps from office only or anywhere).

  • User Self Password Reset.

  • Forced Login to Google Site portal for Improved Corporate Communication.

  • Access report on details of each login by users.

  • Time based access restriction.

  • IP Base Restriction

  • Broadcast message to users

  • 2-Factor Authentication

  • Session Timeout

  • Consumer gmail Block

  • Reports for Admin

  • Device Management


gControl easily overcomes all the above challenges. Solution is a fully controlled solution by which the Google Apps Admin can have a full control over the access of Google Apps. Below is listed the Features of gControl for Google Apps.

  • Cloud Based Product, running on Google App Engine to provide highest reliability and performance.

  • SSO capabilities to integrate with LDAP.

  • Custom Login Page.

  • IP and Time based User access to Google Apps policy control.

  • Forgot Password Option for users to reset the password themselves in case they forgot the password. gControl sends a link to reset the password to users alternate email address.

  • Management always needs the control on users by forcing them the corporate portal for streamlining the communication. gControl provides the ability to force the user to a portal irrespective from where the user logs in like from gmail, docs, calendar etc.

  • A details report on which users accessed on which date time from which IP on a periodic basis to the admin.

  • Users can be restricted to login within the stipulated time.

  • User can create Complex Password for their Google Apps Account using gControl