gControl Domain Settings

gControl is a SSO based tool. Hence when gControl is installed on a domain, and the SSO is set, all the users of the domain need to login through gControl’s login page. This includes even the subdomains that are managed within the domain.

gControl domain settings feature would make it easy for the administrator to manage login of subdomain users.

Following figure shows the domain setting page on the initial installation

Initially the domain on which the application is installed would be listed as the primary domain. If your domain has secondary domain in Google apps, they will have to be defined here, else the users of the secondary domain (subdomain) will not be able to log in. To define your secondary domain, click on “ADD SUBDOMAIN” button. 

Following screen would appear-

Add the subdomain name and click “Save”. If you have more subdomains, you need to perform this action as many times.

Once you add all your sub domains, the domains would be listed as shown below

The “Type“ column will distinguish between Primary and secondary domains. Please note, the set up allows only one primary domain and multiple subdomains.

Once the domains are added they get listed in a dropdown on the login page as shown below.