gControl Forgot Password Settings

One of the large issue that Google apps administrator face is resetting passwords of the users who tend to keep forgetting their passwords. gControl forgot password feature allows admins to give the end user the feature of resetting their passwords themselves.

To get started, go to gControl control panel and select Forgot Password option from the quick links section on right.


Add Policy option will get you started with creation of forgot password policy.


Fill in the policy details.

  • Title: Name your policy to easily identify it later when you want to make changes.

  • Description: Short description for helping understand the policy if more than one admin is managing the account.

  • Enabled: For some reason if you want the policy to be disabled for some time and re enable it, you can do it using the “Enabled” option’s On and Off button as shown above.

  • Valid Always: You can decide the validity of the policy with Valid Always button. Toggling this you can say whether you want a policy for a stipulated time or a policy which is always applied.

  • Valid From and Valid To: If Valid Always is off, then you will have to provide the date range for which the policy needs to be applied. This way admin need not manually turn off the policy.

  • Number Of Questions: The number of unique questions user needs to answer.

  • Attempts Allowed: When the end user tries to use the forgot password option to reset his password, how many attempts he should be allowed to provide answers. The number set here is the number of times user can provide wrong answer to the questions.

  • Skip Attempts Allowed: End user when he logs into his account, he gets a page to set answers to the questions set by admin. User can skip the setting of answers and get into his account. This setting will limit the number of skips to the number set here. After these many skips, user will be forced to set answers to the questions set by admins.

  • Organisation unit: This option will provide you the option to apply the policy on the set of users that you want to apply this to. Selecting the Root organization will apply the policy on all users.

All the OUs of your Google apps domain gets listed here and you can apply policy on any OU of your choice. If you see any cross marks (stricken OU names) that you see on the OUs, depicts that these OUs are part of other policies. Hence the system does not allow duplication of users/OUs.
  • Question Bank: This is where admin can set the questions which end users need to answer.

It may so happen that users can forget the answers that they had provided, for that admin has an option of resetting the answers of the users. In the create policy screen (First image in the document), besides the add policy button, you can find the RESET ANSWERS option. On Click of the button, you will be taken to the following screen


Admin can reset the answers in 3 ways.

  • By User: You can provide specific user email and reset the user’s answers. The user will be prompted to set the answers again when the log in.

  • By Org Unit: You can reset the answers of the entire organization unit at once. The impacted users would be prompted to set the answers again when they log in.

  • By All Domain User: You can reset the answers of all your domain users at once. The impacted users would be prompted to set the answers again when they log in.