gControl - Time Restriction

Time Restriction feature allows admin to restrict a particular user or a group of users to access their Google Apps account during a specified time range. Administrators can create different policies for different users and different OUs (Google Apps organization unit) through gControl Time Restriction setting.

Note: IP restriction works only for the web login. It will not work for email client (POP/IMAP) and mobile sync apps. If admin wants to restrict user to the web they can disable Mobile sync and POP/IMAP from Google apps control panel.

gControl Time restriction feature provides the following features:

  • Restrict a particular user or a group of users to access Google Apps during a specific Time range.

  • Import User in CSV format.

  • Export registered users.

  • Admin can create many User based and OU based Time Restriction policies (Users cannot be duplicated across policies).

  • Add unlimited Time range & users in the policy.

How this works:

  • Open gControl Application

  • Click on Time Restriction link from Quick Links

  • Fill policy information like policy name,description, valid always, enabled etc.

  • Select your local time zone.

  • Select time From to To.

  • Select the days of week which you want to apply time restriction policy.

  • Select enabled for apply your policy to users.

  • Select Force logout check box if you want to users logged out automatically after time range.

  • Select Valid always if you want valid your policy always otherwise you can set particular date range From to TO date by clicking Valid From to Valid To

  • Policy type should be users based or OU based. If you policy type user based, you will add single user or bulk user (import CSV) in the policy and for OU based you will be able to select your Google Apps OU in gControl.

    • You can add User ID manually or upload the csv by clicking on ADD USER or IMPORT CSV csv button. And also you can export policy users by clicking Export Users


    • In case you Rename your organisation which is already used in an Ip Policy or Move organisation to some organisation already used in Policy , you must select the renamed/moved organisation explicitly in Time Restriction Policy in order to get these OU’s applied with Time Restriction Policy.

    • If you do not see the changes that you made in Google apps control panel (OU created, modifies users moved, created etc..) please go to advanced setting, scroll to the bottom of the page and use the “Sync” button provided for sysc. This will sync your changes immediately. Normally it takes 24 hours