A password policy is a set of rules designed to enhance cloud security by encouraging users to apply a strong password and use them properly.  A password policy is often part of each organization's official regulations and is strictly implemented for security reasons. 

To apply the password policy, open the CloudCodes For Business console → Go To Policies →   Password Policy   Add Policy

Fill in the policy details.

  • Title: Name your policy to identify it later when you want to make changes quickly.

  • Description: Short description for helping understand the policy if more than one admin is managing the account.

  • Enabled: For some reason, if you want the policy to be disabled for some time and re-enable it, you can check/uncheck “Enabled” option as shown above.

  • Granted: Allows end users to change the password. If not checked then the end user is not able to change his own password.

  • Valid Always: You can decide the validity of the policy with the Valid Always button. Toggling this you can say whether you want a policy for a stipulated time or a policy that is always applied.

  • Valid From and Valid To: If Valid Always is off, then you will have to provide the date range for which the policy needs to be applied. This way, the admin need not manually turn off the policy.

CloudCodes For Business provides an effective way of addressing security problems through the Advanced Password Policy feature.

How Password policy feature of CloudCodes For Business works?

After login, click → Policies→- Password Policy. To enable rules for password policy, the admin can define the following:

  • Complexity of the password

  • Set password age (expiration)

  • Admin can restrict the user from using the username as his password or certain keywords.

  • Admin can restrict the user from using last ‘n’ passwords

  • Admin can set account lock functionality for certain unsuccessful attempts. 

That's it the admin need not do anything else just make the changes add the rules and save. After this, once Users log in they will be forced to change their password as per the policy and according to the new corporate rules.

The administrator has full freedom in framing the password policy for the corporate users and gives full control to the admin and protects the corporate network from unauthorized access.

Now even though users are using Google Apps -CloudCodes For Business a cloud-based solution provides allows admins to have better control of your domain.

Add Users: This section is dependent on the option selected in the option type

  1. User-based: You can apply policies to specific users. In this case, the message is shown only to the users to whom the policy is applied. Admins can also add users one by one using the Add User button or add users in bulk using a CSV file import. 

  2. Organization unit-based: A simpler way of applying policy on bulk users. This will apply policy to the Organization units created in CloudCodes For Business Console  

  3. All OU: If the add-all OU checkbox is checked, the policy gets applied to all the domain users.